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Eugenius Solutions

EuGenius Solutions is an IT consulting company helping small, medium and enterprise businesses maximize their IT investments. We design, deploy and support IT infrastructure for customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. We’re driven by one goal; providing the best possible IT solution with your needs in mind.

Customer-Centric Approach

We launched in 2015 to provide personalized IT consulting for businesses as well as consumers. Far too often, consulting firms and system integrators implement a project, but when you experience service interruptions, they are nowhere to be found. We strive to build personal and professional working relationships with all of our clients. You will never have to worry about communication; our lines of communication are always open. You can reach us with your questions, when it matters most to your business.

We offer an experience that’s built around your needs. Our process starts with our initial on-site consultation where we get to know about you and your business. We provide you with honest consulting expertise, technology from a variety of top-tier partners, and education about the systems we deploy.

EuGenius Solutions is here to stay. Our consultants provide on-call support to ensure your business runs flawlessly. We guarantee friendly, honest and dependable service, whenever you need an expert. We offer specialized knowledge in the following areas below just to name a few.

EUGENUIS Solutions

  • Collaboration

    Our goal is simple: To develop an IT system that enables intuitive, real-time communication between your employees, suppliers and customers. That starts with an evaluation of your current technology and your collaboration goals for now and the future. Then we design and implement a solution that meets your needs in conferencing, chat, telepresence and IP telephony.

    EuGenius’s approach is centered on you and your business. Our friendly engineering team meets with you to hear your needs – what technology is currently deployed, what you would like to work better and what you need as your company grows. With that information, we design an integrated system that will transform your interoffice communications.

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  • Data Storage

    New technologies and applications are pushing businesses to their data storage limits. This unceasing Big Data trend will continue, requiring organizations to deploy scalable data storage and management platforms that address their needs now and in the future.

    Let us help you transform the way your business processes, stores and accesses data. Call us today for a FREE consultation and systems evaluation. We serve customers throughout the Pacific Northwest and provide on-demand support for global businesses.

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  • Networking

    With a growing number of connected devices, cloud-based services and new applications to support, your network must be more robust and secure than ever. EuGenius Solutions has the networking expertise you need. We provide comprehensive networking services for organizations and offer remote global support.

    From LAN and WAN networks, to branch or data center networking, your networking options are limited only by what you want to accomplish. Our consultative approach to networking helps you better understand the options available to you. We learn about your existing network, discuss solutions and options, and implement a custom-built network that addresses your unique needs.

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  • Telecom

    A professionally designed, reliable telecommunications network is critical for meeting today’s data demands. EuGenius Solutions is the business telecom services provider you need. Our whole-picture approach to network design ensures your organization’s unique communications needs are met.

    Let us put our telecom expertise to work for you. Contact EuGenius Solutions today for a FREE consultation. We provide support throughout the Pacific Northwest and remote support for global businesses. You can depend on us for responsive communication, honest and reliable service, and friendly customer service.

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IT Experts

EuGenius Solutions is the premier IT consulting firm for clientele in the Pacific Northwest. Our engineers are certified in Cisco, Juniper, PaloAlto and many more.