IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

“We will manage your IT systems and infrastructure at a low cost.”

For an organization, IT-as-a-Service can be categorized as an operating model which can be achieved via careful planning and the understanding of where the company is and where it could be in the future. ITaaS benefits: low cost payment structure, highly certified, no need for in-house IT, etc. EuGenius stands with you on your journey to ITaaS and we constantly focused on delivering business aligned IT solutions.


ITaaS can be used as an enterprise operating model to execute the business entity and operations more efficiently. Our expert professionals implement ITaaS strategies to improve the financial stability, budget, efficiency and productivity benefiting both the client and external uses. Our primary focus is to improve these business factors quickly by performing inventory control using the ITaaS model.

Advantages of ITaaS

Economics: Reduced overhead costs
Productivity: Focus on core strategic business initiatives
Scalability: Cover new areas as the business grows
Agility: ITaaS support can quickly adapt
Security: Centralized, secure administration and access